Current employment status, FULL RETIREMENT!!!!! Started at the age of 70 1/2.

I was still operating a nuclear reactor the day of my retirement.

I was at McClellan Nuclear Research Center (MNRC) from Sept. 1996 until my retirement, June 27, 2013.

This is the 2 MW TRIGA® reactor at the former McClellan Air Force Base, where I work

Another picture of the reactor

I worked at Mare Island Naval Shipyard from March of 1982 till closure in April of 1996. I was in the Nuclear Engineering Department as a Nuclear Shift Test Engineer (STE).

I spent 8 years in the U.S. Navy, 1961 through 1969. After San Diego boot camp, Waukegan, Ill. Machinist Mate "A" school, and Sub School at New London, CT. I went to my first ship (boat) USS Halibut SS(G)N-587 in Hawaii.

USS Halibut SSGN/SSN-587

From the Halibut, I went to Nuclear Power School Mare Island ( Class 63-2 ) and then A1W Nuclear Power Training Unit, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

My next command was USS Sargo, SSN-583. However, She was "out". I spent 2 months (2 of the best months of my time in the navy) TAD to USS Gudgeon, SS-567. Other than a lot of work on the refers, I don't remember much else, except they tried to get my "Nuke" designator, "3356", dropped so they could keep me.

USS Gudgeon SS-567

After Gudgeon, on to Sargo. I only spent about a year onboard Sargo and made one northern patrol and lots of daily Ops!!!

Mike Hacking's USS Sargo History

About a year after coming onboard Sargo, the XO called me into his stateroom and asked if I'd like to go to the east coast?? He said they needed an ELT in new construction. In a week, I was on my way to Electric Boat ShipYard at Quincy, Mass. I served on USS Gato SSN-615 from August 1965 to July 1969.

My USS Gato SSN-615 site

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